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Bluetooth Smart Lock - European motorized cylinder 35 x 35 mm - Invited users without being nearby - Empty, family and rental housing - Physical key for manual opening - Free management and opening app


Smart Lock with Bluetooth Connection 4.0

Motorized cylinder and knob system

European Cylinder 35x35 mm

Contactless door opening via APP

Feeding up to 6 months with 10 openings per day

Functional with physical key

Automatic locking of the lock configurable

Guest users without needing to be near the lock

Report of openings and users

Usual use in vacant, family and rented housing

Free management and unlocking application Cloud Smart Lock App

Includes 3 batteries CR123A

Brand Safire
Lock Euro 35 x 35 mm aluminium alloy
Lever Type Long cam
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0
Power 3 batteries CR123 included
Application Cloud Smart Lock for iOS and Android
Functions Sharing without being close to the lock / Regular or family users / Log Reporting / Configurable AutoLock / Left/Right Position
Openings Via App (Administrator, User or guest), physical key from the outside, slight turn of the knob from the inside activates automatically
Duration 6 months with 10 openings per day
Dimensions 60 (W) x 60 (H) x 145 (D) mm
Weight 600 g

Safire Bluetooth SmartLock

Mounting material

User instructions

2 Physical keys

Decorative ring

3 batteries CR123A

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