MP-902 PG2

MP-902 PG2

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Detector PIR tipo cortina para exterior MP-902 PG2

Outdoor Curtain PIR Detector MP-902 PG2

PowerG Wireless Advanced Outdoor Curtain PIR Detector


The PowerG Wireless Advanced Outdoor Curtain PIR Detector enhances customers’ peace of mind by ensuring they get early warning before intruders enter their business or home.


Exceptionally precise, it creates a narrow protective shield across windows, balconies, doors, driveways and other entranceways, for superior outdoor detection with minimal false alarms.


Small in size, this robust detector is big on performance. Weather-proof and pet-immune, with anti-masking capabilities, it delivers accurate, reliable detection in severe temperatures and demanding outdoor environments. 



When triggered, it sends a signal to the security panel, enabling various actions according to the system’s configuration. These include: activate the local siren, alert the end-user’s mobile app, and/or alert the central monitoring service (CMS). 


The detector also has the ability to measure light and temperature*. In so doing, it supports automated control of certain electrical appliances and devices by the relevant PGM output relays, for reduced energy consumption and costs. 


Key benefits:

Secures entranceways such as windows and doors 

Narrow protective shield accurately detects movements of intruders

Built-in PowerG wireless intrusion technology 

Detection range of up to 8 meters (26 ft) 

Compact device, with a discreet modern design

Operates dependably in extreme temperatures and environmental conditions (IP55)

Supports automated control of certain electrical appliances by the relevant PGM output relays

Blocks tampering with certified anti-masking technology

Simple installation and maintenance

Long-battery life (3 years with typical use)

Suited for residential and small to mid-size businesses

Compatible with PowerMaster security systems


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