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  1. SF-IPCV786ZW-3-LITE
    Câmara IP 3Mpx, 1536p, lente motorizada 2.8~12mm autofoco, IR alcance...
    68,85 €
    74,03 €
  2. IPC-HFW4300E
    Câmara IP Lite 3Mpx, 1536p, lente 3.6mm, IR alcance 30m, DC12V/PoE, IP...
    50,75 €
    54,57 €
  3. IWH-31IR
    Câmara IP 3Mpx, 1536p, lente 4mm auto-iris, IR alcance 30m, DC12V/PoE...
    Price upon request
    Price upon request
  4. IPC-K35A
    Câmara IP com PIR 3Mpx, 1536p, lente 2.8mm, IR alcance 10m, alarme 1E/...
    63,17 €
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